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World Geography Multiple Choice Questions with answer: Set 5

1.            The most explosive type of volcano is

A.            the caldera

B.            a cinder cone

C.            basalt plateau

D.            shield volcanoes

Answer:  A


2.            The lowest point, on land, in the world is

A.            Death valley, USA

B.            Caspian sea, Russia

C.            Dead sea, Jordan/Israel

D.            Lake Eyre, Australia

Answer:  C


3.            The low latitude zone of globe extends between

A.            Tropic of Capricorn and Cancer

B.            North pole to South pole

C.            Tropic of Capricorn and equator

D.            Equator and Tropic of Cancer

Answer:  A


4.            The main objective of multi-purpose river projects are

A.            extension of irrigation facilities by constructing dams to store surplus water during the rainy season, for release in summer

B.            power generation by constructing hydro power stations

C.            flood controls and making rivers navigable

D.            All of the above

Answer:  D


5.            The mountains which come into being after the continental drift started, with the breakup of the large land mass of pangola are

A.            young mountains

B.            old mountains

C.            volcanic mountains

D.            fold mountains

Answer:  A


6.            The Mistral is

A.            very cold wind, which blows down from the plateau of central France

B.            swift, dry, cold northerly wind that blows down from the western Alps and the plateau of Southern France and out over the Mediterranean

C.            wind that blows for 100 days a year and may cause extensive frost damage to plants

D.            All of the above

Answer:  D


7.            The main period of Mesozoic era include

A.            Triassic period and Cretaceous period

B.            Jurassic period and Triassic period

C.            Triassic period, Jurassic period and cretaceous period

D.            cretaceous period and Jurassic period

Answer:  C


8.            The main percentage of the volume of water in the hydrosphere is in

A.            oceans and seas

B.            groundwater, rivers and streams

C.            glaciers and ice sheets

D.            freshwater lakes and water vapours

Answer:  A


9.            The main tributaries of Indus river system are

A.            the Jhelum, the Chenab , the Ravi

B.            the Beas, the Sutlej

C.            both (a) and (b)

D.            None of the above

Answer:  C


10.          The model which explains the various types of igneous rocks

A.            rock cycle

B.            Bowens reaction series

C.            both are similar terms

D.            None of the above

Answer:  B


11.          The mean surface temperature of the sun is estimated to be of the prder of

A.            5500°C

B.            4000°C

C.            2000°C

D.            1000°C

Answer:  A


12.          Which of the following is an island sea?

A.            Caribbean sea

B.            Caspian sea

C.            Red sea

D.            Yellow sea

Answer:  B


13.          The most densely populated country of Africa is

A.            Mauritius

B.            Rwanda

C.            Burundi

D.            Sierra Leone

Answer:  A


14.          The major countries of Middle East are

A.            Iran, Iraq, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait

B.            UAE, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Yemen

C.            Israel, Turkey, Cyprus, Afghanistan

D.            All of the above.

Answer:  D


15.          The most recent and logical concept regarding the origin of ocean basins and continents is that of

A.            continental data

B.            conventional current

C.            plate tectesic

D.            cooling process

Answer:  A


16.          The major motion of the planet earth includes

A.            rotation

B.            revolution

C.            both (a) and (b)

D.            any of these depending upon the question under construction

Answer:  C


17.          The most salty sea in the world is

A.            Red sea

B.            Dead sea

C.            Arabian sea

D.            Mediterranean sea

Answer:  B


18.          The most densely populated regions in the world are

A.            the monsoon climatic regions

B.            the equatorial regions

C.            the hot desert climatic regions

D.            the summer climatic regions

Answer:  A


19.          The most notable example of a tectonic valley is that of the

A.            Doon valley

B.            Kashmir valley

C.            plains of Aksai Chin

D.            None of the above

Answer:  B


20.          The monetary currency of Greece is called (prior to Jan 1, 2002).

A.            guilder

B.            drachma

C.            yen

D.            dinar

Answer:  B


21.          The main examples of Rabi crop are

A.            wheat, barley, peas, rapeseed, mustard, grams

B.            rice, jowar, barley, wheat

C.            peas, maize, cotton and jute

D.            All of the above

Answer:  A


22.          The modern theory of plate tectonics states

A.            the creation of oceanic crust and the drifting of continents

B.            the convention currents within the earth's mantle cause the creation of new oceanic crust at the mid oceanic ridges

C.            that the oceanic crust is destroyed at areas where this crust type becomes subducted under the lighter continental crust

D.            All of the above

Answer:  D


23.          The mean distance of the earth from the sun is approximately

A.            149,502,000 km

B.            150,503,000 km

C.            148,000,000 km

D.            150,000,000 km

Answer:  A


24.          The major control over the form of the developing slope is exerted by

A.            inputs to the hill slope

B.            outputs from the hill slope

C.            balance between inputs and outputs from the hill slope system

D.            None of the above

Answer:  C


25.          The major graphite producing country is

A.            Russia

B.            Sri Lanka

C.            India

D.            Zaire

Answer:  B

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