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Objective Questions (MCQs) on Footnotes and Endnotes in MS-Word

1.  Which of the following is not a footnote default setting?

A)           Footnotes appear below text.

B)           Footnote number format is 1, 2, 3 format.

C)           Footnote numbering is continuous from page one to the end of the document.

D)           Footnote format is applied to the whole document.


2. Which of the following statements describes a footnote?

A)           Text reference appearing in the footer

B)           Text reference appearing at the bottom of a page

C)           Text reference appearing at the end of a report

D)           Text reference appearing at the end of every paragraph


3. By default, where is an endnote inserted?

A)           End of section

B)           End of document

C)           End of page

D)           New page at end of document


4. Which of the following statements about moving, copying, or deleting footnotes is not true?

A)           Footnotes can be copied using keyboard shortcuts.

B)           Footnotes can be moved by dragging the reference mark.

C)           Select the actual text of the footnote or endnote rather than selecting the reference mark.

D)           Footnotes automatically renumber when moved or copied.


5.  Which of the following is not included in a magazine reference?

A)           Place of publication

B)           Author

C)           Article title

D)           Page number


6. Which of the following is the keyboard shortcut to insert an endnote?

A)           Press [Ctrl]+[D].

B)           Press [Alt]+[Ctrl]+[D].

C)           Press [Alt]+[E].

D)           Press [Alt]+[Ctrl]+[E].


7. Which of the following options does not appear in the Insert Citation drop-down list?

A)           Add bibliography entry

B)           Add new source

C)           Add New Placeholder

D)           Search Libraries


8.  Which of the following footnote formats cannot be changed by choosing Note Options from the shortcut menu?

A)           Font size

B)           Location of footnote

C)           Number format

D)           Custom symbol mark


9.  Which of the following procedures opens the Footnote and Endnote dialog box?

A)           Click the Insert Footnote button.

B)           Click the Insert Endnote button.

C)           Click the Footnotes Dialog Box Launcher.

D)           Press [Alt]+[Ctrl]+[D].


10.  If the Status bar displays "Page: 1, Section: 1, Page: 1 of 1, At: 1.5," which option refers to the vertical page position?

A)           Page: 1

B)           Section: 1

C)           Page: 1 of 1

D)           At: 1.5"


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