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Multiple Choice Question (MCQ) on Creating Charts in MS-PowerPoint

1.   Which of the statements about using a chart picture fill is NOT correct?

A)            A picture can help communicate the meaning of a chart by illustrating the data in some way.

B)            Chart fill and text colors may need to be changed for easy reading when a picture is displayed behind columns.

C)            The entire area of the chart can be filled with a picture.

D)            It is not appropriate to include a picture fill behind a chart.


2.  PowerPoint chart types include all except _______________ charts.

A)            column

B)            line

C)            legend

D)            pie


3.  Which chart type is best for displaying "parts of a whole"?

A)            area

B)            bar

C)            column

D)            pie


4. What two colors are best to avoid in the same chart because some individuals have difficulty distinguishing between those two colors?

A)            orange and red

B)            yellow and green

C)            red and green

D)            blue and red


5.  The _______________ button on the Chart Tools Design tab can be used to control the position where different chart elements appear on the chart.

A)            Chart Type

B)            Quick Layout

C)            Edit Data

D)            Style Type


6.  On a column chart, the horizontal axis is also referred to as a _______________ axis.

A)            category

B)            grid

C)            number

D)            value


7.  Which of the following is recommended for displaying numbers that vary greatly in magnitude?

A)            category axis

B)            tick marks

C)            secondary axis

D)            data label


8.  In a column chart, clicking once on a column _____________.

A)            selects all columns in the series

B)            selects only one column in the series

C)            selects the entire chart

D)            selects the column outline


9.  How does Microsoft Excel interpret each row of data keyed in a new chart?

A)            as a legend

B)            as an embedded object

C)            as a data series

D)            as a linked object


10.  Which of the following statements about Gridlines is NOT correct?

A)            Gridlines are thin lines that can be displayed for major and minor units on the vertical or horizontal axes.

B)            Gridlines align with major and minor tick marks on the axes when those are displayed.

C)            Gridlines can make quantities easier to understand.

D)            Gridlines are most helpful when numbers are displayed with the chart.
























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