Objective Questions(MCQ) on Operating Systems : Set 5

1. What is Windows?

A. program for designing windows      B. An operating system
C. An applications program                 D. A game

Answer: B

2. What is shown in the first window that comes up when the computer comes to a rest after being booted?

A. TV screen                                 B. blank
C. desktop                                     D. icons

Answer: C

3. What is the first bar in a window called?

A. icon bar                                     B. toolbar
C. title bar                                      D. None of the above

Answer: C

4. What are icons?

A. pictures                                     B. small windows
C. shortcuts                                    D. text

Answer: A

5. What bar is usually found at the bottom of the desktop.

A. tool bar                                     B. task bar
C. menu bar                                   D. title bar

Answer: B

6. How can a window be resized?

A. Drag the scroll box
B. Click the Close button on the window's title bar
C. Drag one of the window's borders or corners
D. None of the above

Answer: C

7. What button(s) on the mouse displays the shortcut menu?

A. Right                                         B. Left
C. Both                                          D. Neither

Answer: A

8. What key is pressed to activate selections on the menu bar when a user is using the keyboard rather than the mouse?

A. Tab                                           B. Alt
C. Ctrl                                            D. Shift

Answer: B

9. What is a shortcut icon normally used for?

A. To close the desktop                 B. To start an application
C. To close an application             D. To clear the screen

Answer: B

10.  Which of the following steps are used to start a program?

A. Minimize a window

B. Hold down Ctrl, Alt and Del keys and select a program

C. Right click the mouse. Select a program

D. Click the Start button. Point to Programs. Click on the program name.

Answer: D

11.  Which of the following OS cannot work as a Network Server?

A. Windows3.1                              B. UNIX

C. Novell                                       D. WindowsNT

Answer: A

12.  In windows you can add/remove items in the program menu using………..

A. Control Panel, add/remove programs

B. Display properties

C. Start menu, Accessories

D. Start menu, settings, task bar

Answer: D

13.  From where can you change the desktop background?

A. Start menu, settings, control panel, display

B. Accessories, Display, Setting

C. Start menu, program, control panel

D. My computer, control panel, settings

Answer: A

14.  Which of the following is a/are component(s) of a menu?

A. Unavailable commands             B. Shortcut keys

C. Selection letters                         D. All of the above.

Answer: D

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